"I suffer from severe health anxiety, GAD and depression. This product is by far the most effective! I like how easy the manual was to read and how enjoyable the activities are. The instructions are super easy to follow and everything is laid out nicely - very user friendly! I highly recommend this therapy!"


  • The Sensory Compounding Workbook - Self therapy system that uses the five senses to create a peaceful mind!
  • Audiobook - Great for on the go learners.
  • The safe place guided meditation - Find your peace and safe place.
  • The 7 strategies to make stress your friend rather than your foe!  - Reduce stress and create more stability and happiness through this training.
  • FREE 30 minute consultation - Do you have any questions or need more guidance? You get private one-on-one consultation with April Nelson.
  • Sleep optimizer - Calm your mind and fall asleep faster using this audio.
$250 Value - YOURS TODAY FOR $97

"My husband and I conceived right away with our daughter and had been trying for over 2 years for our second child, with no luck. A friend of mine suggested hypnotherapy. I saw April and after my first session with hypnotherapy I was able to conceive. April has taught me to use sensory techniques to create an internal calmness. I highly recommend this type of therapy for anyone trying to conceive"

- Candice

  • Do you worry about the future?
  • Do you experience difficulty sleeping?
  • Do you struggle with racing thoughts that you cannot control?
  • Do you feel stress about writing exams or giving presentations?
  • Do you experience difficulty relaxing?
  • Do you suffer from distressing memories?
  • Do you get easily agitated and have difficulty controlling your emotions?
  • Do you struggle with coping after loss?
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