The Sensory Compounding Therapy Workshop 2017

This is an introductory workshop on using the Sensory Compounding Therapy System. The participant will learn about Sensory Compounding Therapy and how this is an effective personal tool for managing anxiety.

“In this workshop you will receive a comprehensive understanding of your sensory system and how to create change and improvement in your life through Sensory Compounding Therapy. This self-help system is an effective and practical tool that will assist you in taking back control from the anxiety and fear that may have been causing distress and preventing you from living your life to the fullest.”
– April Nelson

A Workshop for Adults aged 18 years and up


“I highly recommend this course and workbook to anyone dealing with anxiety. I learned to use all of my senses to create a comfortable and peaceful place that grounds me when I feel anxious.”

“The practicality of this workshop and workbook help me believe that I can use this to calm down. The learning was great throughout the workshop.”

“The practice on meditation was most helpful and calming. Thank you.”

“I enjoyed this session very much. I really liked the practical ideas…”

“My husband and I conceived right away with our daughter and had been trying for over 2 years for our second child, with no luck. A friend of mine suggested hypnotherapy. I saw April and after my first session with hypnotherapy I was able to conceive. April has taught me to use sensory techniques to create an internal calmness. I highly recommend this type of therapy for anyone trying to conceive.”


9707-110 Street, #320 Ledgeview Business Center (Canadian Mental Health Association office)

Street parking, parkade and Impark

Cost: $175

This fee will include a copy of the Sensory Compounding Workbook.
A light lunch and refreshments will also be provided